"If you want to get something done, give the job to someone who is busy."- Scott Parker

Interim management is primarily about ensuring the continuity of the daily operations. It is a combination of advice, sparring, coaching and project management.

For an organization it is an opportunity to fill in leave or understaffing or to temporarily acquire extra capacity and to review the daily operational processes or to supervise major changes.

With a broad work experience in various positions, I am available for interim assignments within both HR and management.

What can you expect?
In order to be effective and successful as soon as possible, it is important to speak to the relevant colleagues in the first weeks and thereby check whether they have been fully informed and involved.

Through experience in various functions and teams, I easily adapt to people and organizations. Through accumulated knowledge and a goal-oriented, practical attitude, I am able to quickly make an analysis and deploy the right interventions with the aim of empowering people and/or moving them.

The applied style is a mix of empathy and professionalism: taking people and circumstances into account without losing sight of the goals set and the end result. Everything can always be done better or more efficiently, where the starting point is always a win-win situation.

What will it bring?
By hiring a self-employed person, an organization has no fixed personnel costs, obligations and responsibilities and there is flexibility in terms of deployability in days. In short: Results without fixed costs with clearly defined assignment and result.

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